Boston Urgent Care

The staff at Boston Urgent Care is all so incredibly nice. They are very quick at resolving everything. I have the hardest time with my primary care physician and thats why I love Boston Urgent Care. THEY ARE AMAZING!” ~ Jennifer, Boston

Great staff, thats all I can really say! Needed to have my daughter seen after hours and not sure what to expect from an after hours urgent care. But I was very happy with the front staff and the Doctor at Boston Urgent Care was amazing that night. Very clear about how to treat my daughter.. I Would strongly recommend!!“~ Ashley, Boston

My son hurt his knee nearby so I brought him to Boston Urgent Care later in the afternoon. They were nice enough and helped me get my son in a wheelchair from the car and wheeled him inside and gave him an ice pack. While they cleaned the wound, I filled out just a single page form. They took sone x-rays. The staff was great because they were consoling my son since my son was very nervous about getting stitches. I was in and out quite quickly… Thank you!“~Barb, Boston