No Appointment Needed

No Appointments Necessary at Boston Urgent Care!

Today, tomorrow, and every day of the week: we’re here to help you. Whether you need a routine physical, or have a health concern
that needs our immediate attention, your health should never be put on hold because your doctor doesn’t have time to see you now.
Boston Urgent Care offers appointments that fit your schedule, including same day service, so you can get the care you need
without having to rearrange your schedule or make unnecessary, and expensive, visits to an emergency room.

Our secure member portal lets you schedule your appointment online, with the click of a button. Walk in to one of our urgent care centers
today, tomorrow, or even next month. Simply tell us what time is convenient for you, and we accommodate you, not the other way around.
Once you’ve arrived for your appointment, you can rest assured that we will see you on time to meet the needs of your hectic lifestyle.

Click here to make walk-in medical center appointment now. Or, simply stop by one of our medical walk-in clinics today, no appointment needed.