Boston Urgent Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance plans do you accept?
Boston Urgent Care centers accept most private/commercial medical insurance.
We also accept cash payments, for those who wish to pay at the time of treatment.

What forms of payments do you accept?
Our walk-in clinics at Boston Urgent Care accept both cash and credit card payments.

What is your average wait time?
At Boston Urgent Care, we strive to minimize wait times, and our goal is to get the average person in and out in an hour…or less. Most of the time, patients will be seen by a doctor within 15 minutes of arrival.

Do you treat both adults and children?
Yes, Boston Urgent Care healthcare centers treat people of all ages. The staff at Boston Urgent Care is fully trained to treat non-life threatening illness and injuries for pediatrics and adults. Our new facilities in Boston are equipped to care for a wide range of pediatric issues.

Do I need an appointment?
No appointments are necessary at our Boston Urgent Care walk-in centers. We accept walk in patients during all our business hours. For your convenience, you may make an appointment for Boston Urgent Care on our website.

What are your hours of business?
Boston Urgent care is open from 8 AM-8 PM, 7 days a week, throughout the entire year.

Will I be treated by a physician or a physician’s assistant?
Boston Urgent Care walk-in clinics are staffed by board certified emergency medicine physicians.

Do you offer flu shots?
Yes, you can come in to Boston Urgent Care to receive your flu shot anytime, with no appointment necessary.

Do you treat STDs, Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
Yes, our Boston Urgent Care walk-in clinics offer the utmost discretion in testing for and treating a wide variety of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). We also offer an FDA approved HIV test, and the results are available in only 15 minutes.

Do you provide pregnancy tests?
Yes, our Boston Urgent Care walk-in clinics offer private pregnancy tests and professional referrals to pregnancy specialists. We will provide you with planned parenthood options, so that you can make your own informed decisions.

What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?
Boston Urgent Care Centers shall transfer you to a local hospital, while still providing you with uninterrupted care along the way, if necessary. If you are not capable of getting yourself to the hospital, we will call an ambulance for you. Boston Urgent Care has established relationships with the top, local hospitals and doctors to provide you with any hospital care necessary.

How is your walk-in clinic different than an ER?
Boston Urgent Care centers treat non–life-threatening illnesses and injuries, quickly, cost effectively and with no need for an appointment. Emergency rooms are meant for life-threatening medical conditions. Boston Urgent Care is less expensive than the ER. According to recent research, up to 84% of people who go to the ER don’t have actual medical emergencies, and may pay up to 6X more than they would have at an urgent care clinic.

Why are you better than an ER?
Boston Urgent Care centers are a faster, more convenient and less expensive alternative to emergency rooms and many other types of medical tests and services.