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Boston Urgent Care Explains The Newest Method Of Medical Treatment

Urgent care, sometimes called “immediate care,” is the newest, and fastest growing, type of medical treatment facility. Given that no one can predict when urgent care will be needed, one can rest easier knowing that highly qualified medical professionals are available at your local urgent care clinic. This type of medical treatment facility bridges the gap between the injury, or medical reaction, that ís too urgent to wait days, or weeks, to see your Primary Care physician, and life-threatening incidents that insist on a trip to the nearest emergency room. According to recent research, up to 84% of people who go to the ER don’t have actual medical emergencies, and may pay up to 6X more than they would have at an urgent care clinic. Yet, the alternative of waiting days or weeks for a doctor’s appointment, leaves time for medical conditions to worsen and require more complex, and more expensive, medical treatments.

Boston Urgent Care centers treat non life-threatening illnesses and injuries, with no need for an appointment. As an added convenience, appointments are available upon request, via phone, or easy online scheduling. Our brand new, clinics offer state of the art equipment: on-site labs, digital x-rays, and EKG machines. Boston Urgent Care clinics offer highly educated, and experienced, clinicians dedicated to treating patients with the skill they need and the respect they deserve. Our primary goal is the meeting our clients’ needs quickly, on average, getting them in and out within an hour. Our hours are 8 AM to 8 PM every day of the week, including holidays. We are proud to offer affordable, posted prices and convenient locations. All of these things make Boston Urgent Care a faster, more convenient and less expensive alternative to emergency rooms and other medical services.